Just finishing up some work and taking money out from the bank before heading back to post. I’ll only be there for a couple of days though and then I’m headed to Cotonou before going to Ghana! So excited. A little bit worried about money. Peace Corps provides us with more than enough to live and travel around Benin but Accra will be a whole ‘nother story (umm…they have sushi and malls there). I have a little saved up and I really don’t want to dip in personal savings.

In other news, my baby brother joined the MARINES! I can’t believe it. Right now he’s in boot camp. I’m really proud of him and miss him like crazy now! I wasn’t planning on going home but I’m actually going to try to make it to Chuck’s commencement ceremony later this summer. Tickets are sooo expensive…but hopefully I’ll be able to scrap together some cash. So that means I’m coming home! Part of me is hesitant to go…I’m afraid I’ll walk into a Taco Bell and never want to leave. (Haha. Or something similiar to that). I’m afraid of the dramatic differences between the two cultures…what will you think of me when I forget, eat with my hands, throw chicken bones over my shoulder and wash my hands in the water pitcher? Still, I’m really excited and can’t wait to bore you all with my Benin stories!

Till then…. love.