Alright in three more weeks I’ll have been in Benin for a whole year! I can’t believe it! I’m in Parakou doing some work at the workstation. Girls club is next week! eicks! Hopefully it goes well! (Knock on wood)

In other news…school’s been out. Last week I just worked with students on grades. It was such a relief to be done with school. However this past week I realized how bored I will be during the summer. Sometimes you just can’t read ANOTHER book or watch an old episode of Intervention on your Ipod AGAIN. I spend a lot of time staring at things…walls, goats, cute kids (kinda creepy, i know), clouds (at first people thought I was crazy staring up at the sky predicting rainstorms…but I’m always right so now they ask me if it’ll rain that day or not), motos passing by, an occasional bush taxi….. 

The rainy season is great. I’ve actually become obsessed with the rain here. I love how you can see it coming from miles off. I love sitting in my house listening to it fall on my tin roof or watching it outside during the day. I love how the thunder shakes the ground or how there’s so much lightning at night the sky is continuously lit. I do not like how my house fills with bugs or how sometimes it rains so hard I’m afraid that my roof will just fly off. That is actually something I think about a lot. What if that happened at night? What would I do? I’d probably just have to sleep in the rain for the night. My friend said he brought some sort of collapsible tarp in his luggage to Benin. I laughed thinking that was ridiculous. Why bring a tarp when you can bring extra underwear? But if my roof ever does fly off, he’ll get the last laugh. A tarp would come in handy.

My next post will probably be in a couple weeks. I planned a whole trip to Ghana. I really need a vacation. Accra is supposed to be the nicest city in West Africa…we’ll see. There’s supposedly a sushi place. If I could get sushi….i’d be pumped and ready to go for another year.