March 2009

the last post I actually wrote a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to post it. I will add more but right now I don’t have my journal.

This past week has been really hard. A fellow PCV and friend was found murdered in her house. It’s so shocking and horrible. I’m still trying to process it. I’ve been in the city all week, just to be around other volunteers, for the memorial and to talk about it.

I know that a lot of you are worried about my safety. But I promise, I am safe. I would never go back to post if I didn’t feel completely safe. Kate’s murder was horrible but it is in no way charachteristic of the Beninese. It was a random act of violence perpetrated by a disgusting human being. My village has been really supportive, worried that I’ll leave, promising to do everything they can to insure my safety. I live in a large concession, with tons of people around at all times of night (trust me I hear them). I’m good. So don’t worry about me. I love you.


Ok, so I decided to take some time to write down what’s been happening at post. I knew once I sat down at a computer my mind would draw a blank so I decided to bring my journal along to help out. It’s edited of course, not because I have scandalous secrets to conceal but because you probably don’t want to hear about my bowel movements…. Ok first posts last. (I will post more when I have time)


9/10/08- I had a funny thing happen to me today. I needed garlic, the word in my translation book for garlic in Bariba is sokoro. So I asked him if he could find some. He sent out a kid to go get it, the kid comes back with a giant snail. Here…. sokoro. Translation book no bueno.

9/9/08- It’s pouring rain right now which is harboring any attempt to salué. It’s about 12 o’clock and I’ve already unpacked, cooked breakfast and started the horchata. Theo is supposed to come back at 2 so we can go to the marché. I feel fine right now but I’m anxious to make friends already and to be able to communicate. I got scared for a second when I thought about how I’ll be here for two years! Life moves so slowly here! Hmm.. Ok, just think about getting through today… then a week. Then just the first three months… then time flies, right?

NIGHT- Ok I saluéd a lot. You can find a lot at the Tobré market but not a lot of veggies. People speak Bariba to me all the time. I really need to learn a little. I will. I also sat outside for a while while my neighbors cooked. I think it was a pretty eventful day. They gave me a name: Bekegui. I hope it doesn’t mean anything like poop or something.

I have a constant layer of sweat on me that never goes away. Ok, well first day not so bad. It’s hard to fill a day when you have nothing to do.