So this past week was PSW. Which means that TEFL (the english teachers) got together and discussed our first 3 months at post. By the way, my 3 months at post will officially be over Dec. 5th. Really, it just means I’ve overcome the ‘hardest’ hurdle of Peace Corps. I’ve been three months at post and five months in Benin. Seriously time flies. I feel like I’ve just gotten started. I need to start thinking about secondary projects. I’ll write more later about teaching and village…I really just wanted to check in on everyone. Yes, I’m fine..I’m healthy. I love Benin. I love Tobre. I won’t pretend that it isn’t hard. Sometimes it’s unbearably hard. Sometimes I sit in my house and think ‘Why the hell am I here?!”. The first couple of weeks, everyday was an emotional rollercoaster. I think my biggest accomplishment has been becoming habituated to the goings on of Tobre. To regard everything as normal. Ahh its so hard to explain…but just know that I’m happy.

I love you all but it’s so hard to explain. I spent Thanksgiving with everyone at the workstation in Parakou. We went around the table saying what we were most thankful for. I said I was most thankful for YOU. You my friends, my family. Everyone I love. Thank you Thank you Thank you for supporting me through all this. I love you. Sorry I’ve not been able to write to you in a timely fashion. But please know that I think about you all time (I really have nothing else to do.)!!! Ok, I will write more particulars about Benin later.