…and it couldn’t come any sooner. Model school has been really draining. All of TEFL is really stressed out (overworked and underpaid!). That isn’t to say that I don’t love it here. I’m starting to love teaching which is totally bizarre on so many levels. But i do, and I love being around the other stageaires, I’m going to miss them so much after swear-in. Basically, if you didnt know, swear-in is when we officially become volunteers and are moved to post. My post is pretty isolated and we aren’t allowed to leave for three months. Which I know will be hard but I feel like I can do it. I’ll also miss my host family!! I was thinking to myself just yesterday…. what will I do without Mamans pate rouge? I eat it like its going out of style. I pretty much eat anything and everything here. I’ve probably gained a little weight, tommorow I’m going to step on Sarah’s scale and we’ll see what the bottomless plates of cous cous and fried bananas have done.

Have I ever mentioned the weather? So far here the weather has been great. I live a little far out into the countryside where city becomes forest. It’s always really tropical and beautiful which I dont think a lot of the other stageaires get to see since they’re more concentrated in the center city. I love it, even if it gets a little scary at night. As I’m pulling out water from the well to take a bath after school, sometimes I just watch the sun set over the trees. The wind rustles through the Sacred Forest which is across the street from my house. It’s always on the verge of raining. I love it. It’s really peaceful, and relaxing after a long days work.

So I finally got some clothes made here. They’re….interesting. You’ll see them in photos soon, I promise. But for now imagine a big blimp with the most bizarre colors you’ve ever seen splashed all over it. Throw in a few images of Virgine de Guadaloupe on the blimp, and you have an exact image of what I look like. See? You don’t need photos.