So I’m totally excited to be writing on an American keyboard at the Natitingou workstation in the Atakora region of Benin. It’ll be my workstation from now on; a place I can come to surf the internet, pick up books, use an actual toilet, etc. It’s a few hours away from my post, I believe. I’m not really sure. It’s frustrating because I speak french but for some reason I cant understand my director when he speaks! Other than that he seems really nice and helpful.

 So I realized it takes about 10 hours to get to the workstation from Cotonou. But the ride was amazing! (relatively speaking) We weren’t very crowded and I was with a couple of other stageaires, so I was able to talk a little. The countryside is so green and flat, it looks like it just goes on and on forever. You can see a rainstorm miles off in the distance. Every now and then a giant rock formation juts out of the landscape. It just seems so much cleaner here than in the city. The air is fresh. It makes me so happy that I got placed out here. 

 So I only travelled about 2/3 the distance yesterday. Now I’m going to actually travel to post. Which, I mentioned before is Tobre. A small little town (village?) near Pehonku. From what I hear it’s an awesome post, and I already have my house because there was a volunteer before me. From what I heard she loved it there and did lots of amazing things. I hope I can live up. I’ll do what I do I guess;) But tommorow I’m going to be just hanging out with people since its the Independance Day celebration. I’ll meet the mayor and doing lots of other things I really didnt catch when my director explained them to me. And I’ll be checking out my house and thinking about interior decorating (yay!). Saturday night I’ll be in Parakou workstation hanging out with some other stageaires….which ill write more about when im over there!


As for now wish me luck with my post visit!