Things I will miss (not in any particular order)

  1. My mom
  2. Easily accesible Mexican food
  3. Sushi (Spicy Tuna Rolls! Salmon Sashimi!)
  4. My sisters and brother.
  5. Mes amies
  6.  M&Ms
  7. Phil

 Things I won’t miss

  1. Paying my student loans
  2. My car
  3. My uncontrollable craving for Taco Bell (DAMN YOU!)
  4. Feeling like I have so much to do even when I don’t.
  5. Downey
  6. Gas Prices
  7. Feeling unfulfilled at work.

Things I need to buy still

  1. A head lamp.
  2. A portable alarm clock.
  3. Passport Protector (NERD)
  4. Teflon frying pan
  5. razors
  6. A good purse
  7. Spices for cooking. Plus seeds for growing. Cilantro?

Things I’m looking forward to

  1. Meeting everyone in my group
  2. Meeting the PCVs that are in Benin now
  3. Meeting my Benin family
  4. Finding out what town I’ll be sent to
  5. Travelling after my first 6 months.

Things that will be interesting

  1. Seeing how I can handle the heat.
  2. Seeing how I handle big bugs.
  3. Me handling 60+ kids in one classroom.
  4. Me adapting to the culture.

 I’m constantly adding to this list….