Last weekend I went to San Diego for Kim’s birthday it was super fun. Only I didnt study for my GRE which is in two days and I know I’m going to blow it big time. Ugh. I hate Geometry! I hate Word Comparisons!

I STILL haven’t gotten my Medical Clearance from Peace Corps and its REALLY starting to worry me now. I only have two months till my anticipated departure date….what if I get bumped? What if I can’t go till next year!? What if I can’t go to Africa? omgomgomg. These are all the thoughts that creep into my mind and keep me up at night. In the Application process they said patience is key… so I’m really trying very hard to not worry. But everyone else on the facebook group is getting their countries! ughh…im gonna stop thinking about it because it will start to worry me even more.

Anyways…San Diego was great and there will be pictures soon. Kim got wasted and danced by herself in the middle of the dance floor. There is an amazing photo of her giving a gangsta face but she didnt post it on facebook. boo. I didnt drink too much because of the “Long Beach” incident last week. Long story short there was an open bar and I took full advantage. So this week I really wanted to have a fun time and remember everything. And I did; fun times at the club, wine bar, din din;). FOOD FOOD: Eritrean, Vietnamese (which phil reminded me I HAVE had before in Paris w/Brandy…totally forgot) Mexican (scarfed down at 3am), Sushi…yummie!

We hung out at the beach swam in the pool summer stuff. fun fun. I’m so excited for it to be warm again. I got a henna tatoo of the wings that I want…and its really making me consider getting a real one.  I just can’t imagine commiting to anything for my whole life.


Ok sorry this blog is totally random and all over the place. But really thats where I am in life right now. 2 more weeks till I’m back in SD, for Ali’s B-day and I’m trying to convince Phil into a trip to Vegas on Memorial Day…probably wont work out….but still! I really wanna go!

I’ll leave you with an image of the club…as we were about to leave….

kim: alone and intoxicated but still P.I.M.P. Happy 22nd!

ok peace