So last week I got a letter in the mail from the Peace Corps. I basically forgot to dot my i’s and cross my t’s on my medical form so I have to go through the whole hassle of harassing the medical correspondance ladies at Kaiser to fill in minute/irrelevant information (for example, the date the doctor signed my form, what were the findings of my anal/rectum evaluation in my physical?) AGAIN. And out of the hundreds of people they see every day, they remembered me. “Oh your the one that needed the polio shots and the blood tests for malaria/yellow fever”. I cannot imagine what all the people in back of me in line thought as the lady shouted that I needed to be tested for malaria and that my anal tests weren’t processed correctly.




So back to square one, pushing it all through so I can make the July departure date. Which I really NEED. I can’t stay at work anymore. Putting it dramatically, it drains me heart and soul. I just keep repeating to myself all day… I need the money, I need the money. I need to do something more than push papers and pitter patter on my computer!

Besides that nothing new has happened to me at all lately. I work all week and on the weekends I just lay out or sleep, to make up for the lack thereof during the work week. BORING. However every other week it seems, I meet up with one of mes parisiennes. Went out with Brandy to some bar/restaurant in Long Beach, was an hour late bc I crossed that fuckin’ bridge AGAIN. You know, the one that you can’t turn around on and you end up in some shipping yard where I’m sure killers with hooks for hands kill young virgins. And I went to lunch with Lindsayyyy. She forced me to eat cheesecake. haha. I’m finally going to take a vacation in two weeks! Going to go to SD for Kim’s birthday:) yayyy.

Ok thats all really.


OH!! i did go to Disneyland on Sunday with the fam fam. Sleeping Beauty waved to me, and despite my efforts to appear otherwise, I was super excited….she’s my favorite!!!