It’s quite bizarre being back in Paris for various reasons. One, I don’t actually live here, so when people ask me whether or not “Vous etes touristes?” I, begrudgingly have to say “ouais” (which is quickly interrrupted by, “mais, j’ai habite ici!”)Another thing is none of my friends are here, so I spend my days walking around seeing old sites, eating baguettes/colummiers to myself, sitting in the Luxembourg and reading a book (when it was sunny). Which is great…but I miss having loads of things to do with all my friends. One big bummer about Paris is that it got even MORE expensive! IMPOSSIBLE?! No, its true. I’ve gone and spent half my savings (which to be honest wasn’t that much in the first place) BUT, its still a bummer. Hmmm….what else is new in gay ol’ paris? Nothing, thats the weird, eerie part, nothing changes…you do. I feel like I’ve changed since being back home, since so much has happened since I got off the plane in L.A.  I still love it here, but its no longer the epitome of all things great and perfect. It has its flaws.

Sacre Coeur Sunset                  Carousel- Concorde

Speaking of flaws….my FRENCH. I really want to get back on the band wagon and start prepping my french for the Peace Corps.  I want to really be good at French so I can get busy learning the local dialects (it could be anything from Arabic to Zukakelolu (I made that up)) And I also want to improve my French so I can have a decent f’in conversation! One where I’m not struggling to hear, or I spend an hour formulating my response. THAT is my one wish is to become fluent in French. And I mean the full argot spoutin’ texto typin’ liason pronouncin’ french!Ok enough about FRANCE! I went back to ITALY! woot woot. Phil and I hopped on lil ole Ryan Air (you know an airline is bad when you PREFER Southwest) and flew to Venice. This is what ensued….I originally told Phil that our flight left at 8pm (which means we have to be at Porte Maillot at 5pm to catch the bus to Beauvais) But turns out our flight leaves at 6 pm which means we have to be there at 3pm, I frantically text Phil at work, and tell him to get his ass home cause we gotta go. So we run to station, I haven’t eatin anything all day. Get on the bus which takes an hour and a half to get to the airport, then we get on the plane AND either there wasn’t enough air mid flight or I my blood sugar was low (probably a combination  of the both) but I fuckin pass out. No one noticed because I was sitting in the corner next to the window, but for about a minute or two I open my eyes and all I see is blackness. Scariest moment ever. Needless to say when I came to I asked for water and something to eat. And I was feeling alot better, only now we couldnt land in Treviso (which is the airport that Ryanair lands in for Venice) because the fog is too dense so we land in some other airport about 2 hours away from Treviso. SO we have to take a two hour bus to Treviso then an hour bus to Venice. All in all it would have been better to just pay 50 euros more and fly air france directly from CDG to Marco Polo in Venice. Once I got to Venice had food (pizza mmmm!) and had some rest…I was able to fully enjoy Venice. I’ve never been in Italy when it wasn’t blisteringly HOT, so it was nice to have to wear a coat and pants and all that good stuff:) The city is absolutely beautiful, but a little too touristy for my taste. Venice is now strictly for upper class italians, as regular Italians cant afford to live on the island (which Venice is). So you dont get the kind of atmosphere as I did in Rome or Sienna. But its still quite breathtaking. Everywhere you turn is a good place to take a photo. I had a really good time, plus there was really good food too! (FISH FISH FISH) 


 Another part of my vacation was going back to Sonoma. Ali and I drove up there to visit Lindsay and do some wine tasting and just hang out. Hang out we did.  Wine tasting is a whole lot of fun. And not because there’s tons of booze. It’s just a relaxed atmosphere with your friends and some good conversation. Other than that at night we hit the town and Joss came down on Friday night, and I might have puked on the side of the 101, but not before I did a walk-off (with myself). Other enjoyable moments…watching Ali cringe as someone did a Karaoke version of “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks (come on! everyone likes that song!).Look here–>COUNTRY All in all a good time 🙂 

                                                       Wine Tasting

Ok well thats my vacation in a nutshell. I have a plane to catch tomorrow and I start work bright and early on Monday morning. Good times but I NEED to make some money pronto! Ok off to get some food! Love and bisous!  (Oh I’ll post pics soon!)